Christmas Eve Chronicles


It’s Christmas Eve and guys, I already know what you’re thinking right now. The images above are very Zoe Saldana esque. I agree. But I owe the flattering comment to the inventor of the body suit. And ladies, I know despite the negative review of having to remove all your clothes to use the restroom, a bodysuit can and will transform your life, for the better. I mean it. I paired this bodysuit from UK label (BooHoo) with a chic black midi skirt. Since it was a little chilly out and I wanted to add some color, I felt my plum coat courtesy of Kate Spade would do the trick. And you can’t forget a gold simple strapped ankle sandle to tie the outfit together. Who’s ready for happy hour? Also PS: I shot these image swith a DSLR and tripod by myself- for the first time. I don’t think the images came out too shabby. What do you think? Only one more sleep till Christmas!!


bodysuit: boohoo
skirt:Β boohoo
Jacket: Kate Spade
Bag: Tory Burch


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